Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hummmm.... My kids are Truly Awesome!

Madyson is about to turn 13 and I am starting to freak out a little bit! She LOVES showing her Arabian riding horses with her Aunt Carolyn and cousin Josh, she plays the clarinet but is bugging me for a piano. She is too sweet and I love her kind and giving spirit. I love that she LOVES her Savior so much. She hopes to become a Surgeon someday and I hope she continues on the Principle's List so I don't have to pay for it! LOL

Kenneth just turned 11 and is playing Basketball and the guitar! He loves showing his Arabian Horses but is thinking a Basketball scholarship to Duke would be AWESOME! (So do I, another tuition I hopefully won't have to pay for!) I can totally see him doing anything, he is SO smart and athletic! He is in love with the scriptures and every week memorizes a new scripture. He is enjoying reading the Joseph Smith story. There is something spiritually special about him and having him around me makes me feel closer to my Father in Heaven.

Alleyna just turned 8 in October and got baptised! She is the child I NEVER worry about but probably should, if you know what I mean! She is too smart for her own good. She was tested into the gifted program in school and is in the Student Council, she could very well one day be the President of the United States because she totally is the President of the household... she sure knows she is smart and rubs all our noses into it! Ha! Ha! But then again she has this sweet warmth about her and is very aware of the people around her and finds those that needs that extra hug. She is too sweet and loves much!

Camille will be 7 in March! My baby 7, Holy Cow!!! She is this itzy snuggle bug with a VERY loud voice. She may be the smallest, but she won't let anybody forget she's there... She amazes me how for so long she would just sit and listen to the scriptures and now she is reading them with us! It makes me wanna cry just thinking about her, and her not being the baby anymore is hard for me to cope with at times. I am just glad she still likes me to rock her and she loves to hold my hand! Aaawwwhhhh, got to stop or I will cry!

I L-O-V-E my family! I know that they are a HUGE blessing in my life, I can't believe at times that Heavenly Father put them in my care. This truly intimidates me but I know and Hope I am a better person for it! I am grateful for the knowledge I have of the Atonement and that they will be mine for all Eternity, what a truly Amazing thought! I L~O~V~E you Madyson Marie, Kenneth Blake, Alleyna Cathryne and Camille Riley...



Friday, January 30, 2009

Who Woulda Thunk It!

So  here we are...People always ask where I find time to do anything because I am SO busy, the answer is I never sleep... ;0  
I have loved looking at friends and family blogs so much and I really don't like journaling so I figured this would be great and give me another creative outlet... just what I need, right? 
Since it is the beginning of a new year and I have been so bad at documenting the first 14 years of my family ( you would not believe how many photo's I have that are not in scrapbook's, which is horrible, especially when you're a professional photographer, yikes!) ... 
I thought I had better start crackin! So thanks to all of you for your inspiration...
If it is not my wonderful husband, my four insanely gorgeous children, my dog, my cat, the 50 Arabian Show horses in the back yard, my wonderful friends in which I constantly try to help them by remodeling and building their closets, designing the interiors of their homes, lunch dates but most importantly just laughing with them and they just laughing at me... ( I am the World's biggest Dork and proud of it) not to mention my photography, oh and my custom frames I have started doing...  Aaaagggghhhhhh... So there is no big deal in keeping up a blog, which reminds me I still have to go make Angie's curtains and reupholster her stools, sorry Ang I'm not forgetting you! 

I want you all to sit back relax and enjoy and remember my slogan:

                              " Life's Life so have a Ball..."